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Do the two games (Corruption of Laetitia & Hearts Like Clockwork) take place in the same universe or in separate universes as well as is Laetitia actually Earth in the far future ?

An understandable question actually! While there is some crossover between the two, The world in which Corruption of Laetitia takes place is mere fiction within the world of Hearts like Clockwork (Our world, in the year 2291) So sadly we won't be seeing Celeste, Malayna, Gaia, or (this) Riliane in there~

I honestly love this game so much. its unique and different and every thing i would like in a game in one. it's so hard to find other games as good as this one with like the same concept and feeling.

Not being able to find anything like this is why I decided to make the game. I am nowhere near a professional, and I would have loved to go even deeper. But just knowing that I made a tiny experience that is hard to find anywhere else. Something that at least few people can enjoy meant a lot to me~! Thank you for playing~

It's beem a while since I finished it. but I see that you stil realise new updates and CGs are better, too. Good Job. But maybe you should start thinking about next project...

I am already working on a second project~♫ It's just that I commissioned my artist for this project quite late so he's still playing catch-up~

As for when the second game will be out, I sadly tend to be rather slow due to only having one functional hand. And beyond occasional art and music commissions I work alone. The game page including the trailer should be up in a few weeks though~

That said my next game will feature characters from an existing franchise. So people may be turned off by that. Hints to the next game have existed in the first game's world and lore (among other things) since the first full release.


!!!Word of notice!!!: It has come to my attention that this game is being hosted on unaffiliated sites which force you to install their own third-party 'downloader'. My game will never require a downloader or launcher to run.

Please avoid sites that do request you to install third-party software to play. If the file sizes don't match the ones shown on this site the download likely isn't legit.


After a few days I realize I forgot to post a change log for the last patch here. My apologies. For those that wonder what was changed and fixed:

  • Added more 'feedback' to the first trial of the redemption arc.
  • Replaced Malayna's generic "Demon's rampage" skill by a new skill "Meteor strike".
  • Replaced Gaia's generic "Tornado" skill with a new one "Dance of Death".
  • Made it so that if you skip the first tactical battle you are offered the tutorial again later.
  • Fixed spelling errors.
  • Added rare consumable: bombs
  • Updated the CG for being defeated by Malayna and Rilliane being tackled by a goo girl to their definitive ones.
  • Fixed an 'infinite loop' that could occur after the inhibitor if you razed the first big city but weren't otherwise 'pure evil' up to that point.
  • Fixed a possible lock if Rilliane got knocked out in the second battle against Alastar while you were friends with her.
  • Added a number of extra NPC reactions to events in the game.
  • Fixed Riliane not updating graphics when equipped with the Leek-blade

All in all it's just another brick in the wall.

thanks for your hard work.

love the game.


Yaaay~ Just hearing that makes it all worth it (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

I really like the game so far, but i can't progress at the inhibitor orb (i believe that was its name). It self-destructs and the cut-scene that follows loops itself without end. Celese says "I... should have seen this coming" than it fades to black and then it loops.

I would love to play it further because its one of the very few games that allows an evil playstyle. Most games only allow the player to become basicly a**holes. 

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It, It loops? That's a strange bug indeed. I must say I didn't test the evil route as thoroughly as the good one (I'm too much of a goody two-shoes)  but I was sure I made all of them doable..I probably messed up a flag related to certain choices, (The downside of making choices matter is you have to take all of them into account) I'm sorry! I'll definitely try to fix it!

Edit: It seems to be a wrongly set flag based on having destroyed the city of Arowar. Somehow if you destroyed the city it asks for both the 'conquered' and 'destroyed' flag to be on. Meaning the event loops because only one of them is... I will try to fix it... Though the game is not currently in a state that it can be released in (I changed a lot of things and likely broke more stuff, meaning I have to test the game from start to end with as many possible choices once more.)

Sadly this means I won't have any instant fix for now... If you still have a save from before you choose to destroy the city you can go with the conquest route which has been properly tested... I'm sorry for the trouble!


Then i will conquer everything instead. 

Based on what can happen with the slimequeen (i don't think the priestess likes her new job xD)i assume i still can become pretty evil.

But i can't wait wo see what happens when i destroy everything instead :)

This should be the only town where this bug exists, but after seeing this I am no longer sure, this particular one sure ended up to be the most buggy one~

And yeah, While the eventual outcome and storyline are decently similar (With some scenes and areas that are good/evil specific) I did add some opportunities to be quite cruel, I felt kinda bad for what I did to Riliane in that particular choice!

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Just finished the game.

I loved playing it. I liked most choices, the characters, the cute demon lord and that you didn't force the player to a specific route with making the outcome of choices to hard.

I liked that you gave the player an healing alternativ when they get rid of their healer. 

Gameplay was for an RPG Maker game above average when it comes to battles and the puzzles are a nice addition. Not to hard, but also not too easy. But more on the easy side.

I also liked, that most thinks, when you interact with them, gives the player flavor text or a pun to read.

But "well", not everything is perfect.

I think, the ending cutscene was far to short, and explained the bare minimun what happened afterward (at least with the ending i got) and worldbuilding is a bit lacking when it comes to the human countrys. For example i would love to know more a bit about the princess but when i didn't miss anything, there is basicly nothing about her. 

When i need to play the other route to know about this, just say it, then i erase that point.

If i have to rate this game then i would say: For an RPGmaker game its an 9 out of  10 and for games in general its an 7/10.

and i am not like game magazines where an 5/10 is something horrible, but standard. So basicly for me your game is definitly above average, but i am sure, thats because of personal taste. Since you hit all my marks: Can Play the evil way, Female Protagonist and Yuri.

I hope i did write everything without to much errors, because i write rarely in english and its not my first language.

I hope you will make someday another good game :)

Fufufu~! Thank you, I'm glad that you liked what you played and that you thought it was good for what it was~

The criticism of the ending is quite valid, I probably could have done better there but my mind drew blanks. It ended up not turning out as well as it was in my head and the scenes I wanted there fell flat. Maybe at some point I will find a way to incorporate more of what I wanted without turning it into a painful to watch exposition dump.

As for world building, Because I worried I'd overwhelm the player with the often dreaded 'wall of exposition' I decided to take another route. A lot of it is done via the optional books you can find in bookshelves and such, as well as NPC Dialogue. (Especially certain merchants tend to have some background) Of course, if you choose to destroy the cities that does result in some of that dialogue becoming inaccessible. So in a way it's true you probably missed some of it by going that route.

That said though, It's still lacking in certain places, Katherina Marlon (the princess) has nearly no lines dedicated to her, and her kingdom isn't really referenced. I may have to fix that in the eventual final update~

I just finished it ♥

It is a truly beauful story about power of love, power of friendship and power of will.

Good and strong heroine betrayed by the ones she trusted the most, has a change to find her revenge with help of demon lord.
She can also find friends and love. :)

One of the best RPG maker games I've ever played!
Battles are challenging. The plot is great. well-done locations, very well-written character with deep and interesting backstories and personalities.
a lot armors, weapons and item to get and use :)
cooking system.

For my fierst play-through I chose  Riliane as love interest and to finish the game with 0 curruption.

♥ I really enjoyed it!

BUT City conquest battles are too complicated. I literally didn't knew what and how to do. I'm very glad it's possible to ask Gaia to be the general. You should add some special tutorial for them.

I'm super happy that you had fun with my little game~
Despite all the engine limitations I did my best to make it good and enjoyable~!

Riliane was definitely fun to write with her innocence and her verbal tics (Quite so!) I was worried I wrote her in a way that would make her seem annoying but I'm glad to see I avoided that~

Ah yes, the city takeover quest, There is a tutorial for it but you only get offered that during the first (optional) city siege. Many people choose the other option and miss it as such. I am trying to make sure it will be offered again if you didn't complete it the first time. But it's rather complicated~!


It's come to my attention that someone wrote a TVtropes page on my game.

Whoever did this, Thank you. You really made my day, It means so much to me~

It's literally the only reason I found this amazing game.


Ehehe, That's another good thing~ (ノ^∇^)
I hope it will bring you enjoyment~!

I've barely started but it's already so fun and interesting.

(1 edit)

-Fixed a long-lasting bug where sometimes if you loaded a game (often after shutting it down in a non-conventional method before) the collision map broke allowing you to get stuck on or below walls.

-Fixed some errors that were introduced during above fix.

The game keeps track of how many in-game days passed. Are there any penalties or achievements associated with taking too long to beat the game?

There aren't! It merely shows up as a stat in the ending credits screen~ (along with some sillier stats)

Hey, is it possible you could make a mac/dmg version of this?

(2 edits) (+1)

I would have loved to do so, Unfortunately as it stands the engine I used (RPG maker VX ace) can only produce executables that are strictly Windows-Only. (Apparently it runs in WINE on Linux but I can't test that) something I figured out way too deep into the production of the game. I'm currently experimenting with an updated engine that can export to Mac and Linux, but it looks like 'porting' will be simply impossible due to script and resolution dependency. I have been toying with the thought of remaking the game there. But the original took well over 4 years to develop so it would not be any time soon.

I'm sorry!

Thats okay! Gladly i've figured out too that you can use it with Wine.. But sometimes it crashes!

Emulation definitely isn't the most stable option, I kind of wish I had realized the limitations of the engine a bit earlier but all I can do is learn from my mistakes. In the future I will certainly make sure to check my game on other OSes every now and then as I would like for my games to be compatible with more than just one system. I really was a naive child back when I started~

Great game so far! But I do encounteted a bug that when escaped from the jail and choose to go through the swamp camp, I teleported to the tower rest and do the 3rd floor side quest, the sword guy (sorry for not remembering his name) in my party went missing.

Ahn, yes forgot that he can be in your party at that point. While he was not going to stay in your party for long anyway it's not an intentional thing that he'd vanish there! Thank you for finding that one, I am expecting many more things like these, to be honest. I'll see what can be done~

Find more bugs, which mostly are map  issues, how could I send the pictures to you?  And is the Apocalypse being disabled after Celeste turned back into half-angel?

I should probably have set the comments up as a forum now I think about it. For now the best way would probably be the thread at RPG maker central I will see if I can find a better way.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants a great rpg with challenging battles and cool writing and characters. :)

Ehehe, Thank you~One day I will make this game free of game-breaking bugs. Still working on it, I'll see where I'll get~

I got bug when i saved inside of shop before buy item . Then when i loaded i can't go out of shop . Iam stuck in abyss store and can't use horn of detrius to get out because no home in this realm .

(2 edits)

Ahn, This bug again? I thought I had finally fixed it.
It's one of those things that happens if the overlay maps script for some reason breaks. (No errors found in the log so it's hard to pin down)
I will try and make another workaround for it.

The bug tends to fix itself if you close the game, load a save in which it's not broken and then load your latest one one again...
But I don't know the reason behind it.

I will try and make sure the issue can't happen again. But I am no coder so, wish me luck.

Edit: It should be fixed, in a way that allows you to get out in your current save too.
This bug makes me just want to tear the game down and rebuild it from scratch~

(1 edit)

Sorry but i not work . It isn't the bug don't trigger exit but it freeze my game too . I can send you a save file if you want . I got this bug don't let me go out of shop in savia before but it not freeze my game . 

Edit:  Btw im play again with other save but it before the cultis cave . I love you game .

(3 edits)

This is quite the strange bug indeed. Did you download the updated version I uploaded around 9 hours ago? I should have altered the map file in a way that would prevent the issue!

Unfortunately it seems this site doesn't have direct messaging. But if the problem persists even patched you can either drop a link with the
save file here or message me on twitter at @AmayaKayako so I can take a look at it!

I'm sorry that the game still has bugs, It's gotten a bit
overly complex for me.
But I'm glad you still enjoy it despite them~

(1 edit)

Quickly put together a more detailed character file
for the main 'love interests'.
It is full of spoilers of course, but may help people
understand the three girls a little better!

(5 edits)

Made a quickfix to fix the stuff I broke while adding in failsafes against no-win scenarios.

  • Removed an event that teleported you to near the end of the game.
  • Fixed a ton of small (Mostly graphical errors) where characters would show up which were no longer on your side.
  • Increased the capacity and value of Lantern oil by around 300%
  • Made the "Apocalypse" spell do more initial damage but less damage per extra soul.
  • Added the ability to disable battle voices.
  • Increased money and item drops slightly.
  • Made it possible to harvest apples by interacting with the tree trunk.
  • Added difficulty modes.
  • Fixed a bug in the evil route that occured when you returned to the bridge after it's blown up.
  • Made killing the slime queen instead of sparing her actually DO SOMETHING.
  • Fixed some graphical glitches in the neutral ending.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the neutral and evil ending to be pretty much the same.
(1 edit)

Hi How can I take apple from trees (cooking tutorial) or quit the cooking tutorial ?


Ah you have to stand on the same spot as the apples~
I should probably have made them fall off the trees if you interact with the trunk or something.
I'll look into adding that once I collected more data for a next patch!

thanks for the info

Rolled out another batch of small bug-fixes and balance changes.

  • You now correctly get your summon spells back after turning yourself in and retrieving your gear. Even if Riliane isn't in the party
  • Enemies drop slightly more money.
  • Some boxes/chests now give more money and healing items.
  • Nerfed the damage and healing of "vampiric claw" as spamming it made you nigh invincible.
  • "Sweeping Kick" now requires rage instead of Mana
  • Fixed the tooltip of acumen cutting off and not fitting the textb-

its been a  long while since I played this game, and now you've finally finished it! Can't wait to see what's changed over the years! This is gonna be awesome!

Ehehe, you'd be surprised!
The parts you played probably aren't that much different from what you remember but
hopefully you can still get through that again~!

Thank you for playing~!

Patched out a few bugs that occurred on the less-visited routes of the game as well as having slightly modified the window skin.

-Fixed a possible crash when fighting (and losing to) the priestess.
-Fixed a bug where Gaia would not join your party after skipping the queen battle.
-Fixed slimes not being summonable after threatening the slime queen.
-Fixed some bugs related to the slime dwellings
-Window tone changed from brown to blue to contrast text better.

I hope this takes care of most of the issues!

Looking forward to playing this.

I hope you have fun with it~
Thank you for playing \o/