A downloadable game for Windows

When the forces of hell threaten to overrun the world,
and humanity seems to be on the losing side of a war.

One Valkyrie, a half-angel, is the only one
who can prevent the coming onslaught that would
bathe the world of Laetitia in blood

What she doesn't know,
even as she and her paladins stand on the threshold
of the corrupted Ramarian keep.

Is that this quest will forever warp her image of 'good' and 'evil'.

Because when the light would freely abandon you,
and the hand of darkness reaches out for you, promising aid.

Which would you choose?

Corruption of Laetitia is a story-based RPG that follows the adventure of a spear-wielding heroine raised as a weapon against all evil. And her experiences as she learns that "Good" and "evil" might be less black and white than she thought. As she befriends and makes enemies out of angels, priests, and demons alike.

This game contains suggestive themes and language. As well as girls kissing girls. (Sometimes in manners of dubious consent) If either of those aren't your thing you'll likely not enjoy it.

Install instructions

Added a .zip format of the game because certain virus scanners block the executable installer (as I am not a 'known distributor') The zip can merely be extracted wherever you want and will run without any alterations.


Corruption of Laetitia.exe 177 MB
Corruption of Laetitia.zip 178 MB

Development log


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I'm not sure if this is a bug or not: On my girlfriend's record, every time she sleeps, she gets one of the bed scenes with Gaia -- the same scene each time, like a flag isn't being removed.

It became a maybe-issue because when she reached the chuch in Grunfeld, she couldn't trigger the scene with Riliane, which IIRC on my own record happened after sleeping there. She just gets the Gaia scene instead.

(I'm not sure if this is intended behavior or not. It's possible we just ended up on different relationship paths, but we made very similar choices throughout the game and her relationship score with Riliane is at the best-friend cap.)

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I found the issue! It seems that in certain cases the second Gaia scene can be ended before it sets the flag. I will patch it right away! thanks for spotting it!



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Wow, that was fast. Thanks!

edit: I'm curious, what set of conditions were causing it to fail? Something relevant had to differ between her record and mine, but I can't think what it might be.

Most likely your corruption value or your friendship value with Malayna! As far as I could tell the bug couldn't occur unless you were in angelic form. And also shouldn't be able to occur if you were locked into a relationship with Malayna.

That said though it's been so long since I made all this it's hard to tell for sure now. Looking back on scripting I did 5+ years ago is a mess. Wahaha.

Okay, that makes sense. Neither of us are/were locked into Malayna, but it's possible my Celeste hadn't yet reverted to angelhood at the time I triggered the scene. I drained more souls in the early game.

And yeah, looking at one's own old code is always...instructive? Informative? Horrifying?

(1 edit) (+3)

Thank you for those still playing my game! Seeing as the project hasn't been forgotten yet I made some more fixes, they are as follows:

  • The scene before the battle of Grunwal should no longer loop if Major Alphonse is the only remaining ally.
  • Player should no longer remain invisible after razing the city and leaving to the south.
  • Candy Cane supreme (Christmas event weapon) should no longer force the wearer into unarmed stance.
  • Equipping a normal weapon after having had candy canes equipped should revert all characters back to normal.

Any bugs that remain I wasn't able to find and/or replicate. My apologies.


Thank you all for 2021 downloads!

Good to see you back again. Don’t push yourself too hard though.

My apologies everyone. It seems that in the time I was gone a lot has happened. I had intended to leave the game into the care of a friend but it seems she got overwhelmed quite early on.

I am far from recovered but I'll see what I can do.

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Unsolved mysteries for me :

- Books : there are 4-5 books scattered in the game. Some you can read, 2 at least you can't. I didn't found any way to use them (I'll write them down when I come across)

- Prison in the scorpion's village ? Couldn't find a way. May be nothing. Also 

- Bunch of locked doors, but I guess it's nothing

- One of the jail at the starting point is locked but inidcate "the key is too small" when trying to open, hinting it may be openable with another. Or not. But maybe

- Didn't find much use of the Matriarch key but to open Matriarch's home (but may be normal)

- One time the door on the left of the tower opened (by the scropion's Matriarch) with the lake where you can throw stuff into it. Didn't figured what triggered it.

- Who is Tsarmina ? We get a drawing of her and the hero very early with "she might have clues". I have a guess, but it imply to remake another entire run  (I'm getting to be an expert of the game soon... Well almost, considering all the things I might have missed)

-What is the "Corruption" scroll for ?

I found a looot of glitches, but I guess it'd be a nightmare for the dev to go back to it. Anyway, no fatal glitch yet that a reload couldn't fix !

The biggest frustration of all : I'm not sure Malayna can be jealous of Gaia. I tried to make it this way, but I couldn't, and on evil path there is not a lot of flowers I could give to even the affection between the two. :(

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I started a wiki page here : https://wiki.arzinfo.pw/doku.php?id=jv:corruption_of_laetitia

It's very partial and amateurish, but some stuff are complete & sure (I extracted the game data for the CGs confirmation : I missed none !)

For the story part, I couldn't do it right. Took too much strenght out of me to "re:re:re:do things". ^^'

Thank you for going through the trouble of writing a Wiki, I'd contribute but unfortunately the link seems to have died in the past 7 days Or it just doesn't work for me!

the effort is so very appreciated!

Ehehe, To answer your question, Malayna could technically be jealous of Gaia. But Gaia knows Mala too well to risk flirting with you knowing the fiery one has her eyes on you! Unless you're going 100% for Gaia. The succubus will stand back and avoid drama!


Ah, Oh wow, A lot has happened here in the time I was away, sorry a friend offered to take care of my project for me while I recovered but it appears it was too much for her, Let's see!

The scorpion village in all honesty was created by a friend of mine who wanted to make an area, I tried to integrate it as well as I could in the story but, in all honesty, that area is a mystery even to me! Sorry I can't be more of a help there! The key to the Matriarch's home home is simply to open the door to her house if you went and killed the first scorpion girl. Since if you kept her alive she opens it for you!

Indeed a lot of doors are locked and purely decorative, I just didn't have the time to make interiors for all the houses, Maybe one day I will get back to it but for now it's best to assume most people just don't want strangers in their houses tossing pots!

The left door in the tower can be accessed once you are about to leave the last town. After Gaia asks if you need more time to prepare. It allows you to get some 'ultimate' weapons and items if you toss in the right stuff!

The "corruption" scroll and "Tsarmina" were actually a callout and thanks to my first piece of fan-art I ever received. Using the scroll from your inventory just shows the picture.

As for the glitches... Yeah, as a solo dev I struggled a lot to make it all work. I'll fix what I can but there's just so much Take down one and 10 more pop up X3

Thank you for going through this huge mess!

Hi im a bit stuck in the war after getting gae bolg i talk to the map and the event initiates but it gets in a loop of the same event

Gae bolg ? I don't remember this name (and I'm currently doing it for the 3rd time, my memory is a mess >_<)

Did you try to exit the game and load again ?

I finished the game once as a "moderate (all good choices but sucking all souls) and all good choice in romance" and another as totally good (angel bonus stuff) with the priest as lone love interest. Without unavoidable bugs (still there were glitches needing restart of the game sometimes).

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the loop end in talk to the war map to start the war. an then initates the same event i cannot open the menu to quit the game so i have to close it in the bar of windows i already prove another save from  before and gives me the same glitch

I just got gae bolg (triggered just after chapter 19 when exiting the hell dimension). I'm not arrived to any war map yet  ~ (which one btw ?)

the war when you can recruit the alraunes

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Nah I couldn't reciprocate, ended the game with no problem (but one glitch : the MC goes invisible after I rased the before-last city until I go to sleep somehow)

Someone knows how to destory the wall ? In the cave of the scorpid village ? (it's optionnal but it frustrates meee !)

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13h of gameplay and... I'm stuck in a the cave (the one bordering the sea where we get throw off by a suicid bomber).

Is there a trick to it or is it a bug I can't tell, but I'm on a apex of frustration, this was so fun, i will have to redo it at some point. But 13h, gaaahT_T

EDIT : Restart the whole game instead of reloading the saved ones repaired it.

Big "YAY" to this super bigass work. Althought I'm a bit frustrated by the "mecanic part". It was great first but now I want to try other variants, and I'm nooot super looking after all the fights. Guess I'll set super easy. Mhm :x

Yet. Thanks. Thanks thanks thanks. (also the RTS part ? Fun in theory. In practicallity everything was easely done with 3 archers only >_<

I can't believe there was no polyamourous goodending ! But I guess I got it "in the face" and now I need my good ending :o

I'm very surprised. Didn't anybody bother to write a wallkthrought ?

I'll make it if there is none !

Not sure if you weren’t told yet. You can blow up the wall by luring those explosive slimes to the crash into the wall or use a one of the bombs found near the climax of the game (If I remember the second thing correctly)

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Nice ! Thank you very very mch ! I should have thought of it !
I find it a bit astonishing how little walkthrough or talk about this game I could find.

This game isn't straightforward, I'm doing a second run and I think I'll need two more to see most alternatives endings (and I wonder If being angelic/demonic triggers yet other endings depending the romance states, urrgh).

There is one more thing I wonder ; just after demolishing the "engine" and just before killing the captain tracking you since the start, you get "blue doors" that "seems yo judge you". When I tried to interact with any object, my game crashed. Is there something there ?

I'm about "this" to go see if I can lurk into the code, because replayability takes it tolls. But I'm so very curious about the alternative scenes.

The game being super polished 'n all, you can feel the effort poured inside ! <3

Any other idea of hidden little mecanism I could have missed ? Don't spoil if you have, just give pointers please ! :p

I started taking notes ! I hope it'll be of use of some alternate me someday !

Blue doors? I don’t remember that, though it has been awhile since I last played.

Off the top of my head I’ve done a pure good run, a pure corrupt run, and a run where I’ve done good options while consuming souls.

It might be nothing. it might even not be doors but shrines ! :o
There are 3 it's the map where you get to kill captain Ismael, and where you can loot a book, or go downstair where there is a bunch of money and two "balls" one blue one red which you can pray.

BTW as fellow overachiever of this game, do you know if there is an alternate ending with Rilliane where she remember her dark past ? In the good ending + romance with her, it finishes with a "your past doesn't matter". But I just saw the staff could enable a special "dark rilliane skin", so maybe it triggers another end ?

That... Thing with the blue shrines is odd indeed. There's not supposed to be item interactions with them at all.

This is very confusing indeed. sorry, still going through all this! there's a lot to take in.

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Haha, it's always a mix of honor and disbelief to be able to be read by the actual creator of material I enjoyed, it's kinda overwhelming in a good sense. I admire you precious people so much ! <3

Praise be for your work. I personnally thinks it's a fine piece. There were a lot of crash on the way, but I <really don't mind>, it's trivial, what mattered to me is how much work was put into details, how the hard mode was balanced (in fact rushing, the easy mode could be quite hard too !). And the story of course ! I wouldn't have cared much if it would have been "simpler" in fact. I could have done without interactive map, RTS parts 'n all. It's cool it was here, I just think as a "smalltime dev" it'd be a pain to maintain so much layers of intertwined stuff !

It was so cool to take "weird routes" (killing rilliane for instance and let myself jailed) to see you had scripted a special bit for this special case.

My biggest question for you would be on alternate endings, i really want to see it all ! Iis there an alternate ending with Rilliane where she recovers/face her past ? I was about thiiis to remake an entire run with Rilliane in evil mode when I saw you could upgrade the staff as a lich staff and Rilliane says something like "heh I knew it", like if she started to get really twisted ^^'
And with the artifacts ? (blue/red balls and Altar which heal you if you are in angel mode) - I didn't interacted with them every time now that I think of it and I wonder if there was something to it.

(also for the wiki I worked on this week, it's self hosted and... Some farmer struck my phoneline theses past days so my website was down ! It's up now. But you won't find much, it's really just sloppy fanwork ;..;

(1 edit)

Sorry for not getting back to this sooner. I asked a friend to handle the page while I was away but it was all a bit much for her. My programming is too much of a mess for anyone but me to read!

To break that wall you actually have to trick one of the exploding slimes to slam into it, it's pretty hard but doable!

And oh, My bad, someone else already said this. Wahaha

Related to this, I noticed that the necromancer's staff can be perma-missed. The exploding slimes stop appearing after you finish the area. With them gone, I don't think there's any way to break the wall.

(1 edit)

It wouldn't be too much of a problem if it were the case. But you can in fact blow the wall up with bombs as someone pointed out! Bombs however only appear near the back-end of the game as loot from chests and rare drops.

To which end I wonder if anyone found or fought the hidden boss yet.

hey, I was wondering if there is a Mac OS version I could play this on? also I hope the creator of the game gets better :(( I know she doesn't know me but if she ever needs to talk tell her she can hit me up. 

The engine the game is made on doesn't support compiling for Mac sadly, it would require me to export or remake it in a new engine or find a wrapper program neither of which is within my ability, unfortunately, I'm sorry.


Message of note: I thank everyone who has played my friend's games. Sadly she has been unable to work on them due to RL issues. Not least of which depression. She has sent me all game files and development notes. If any critical issues arrive I will do my best to solve them. I cannot promise any major changes however.

I nearly lost my life to depression a couple of times, so I totally understand. Dealing with that is more important than dealing with us. Best wishes, and I hope she recovers (as best as she can) and gets all of the support she needs.

The white text makes it hard to read on the background

I found the Vocaloids house....

They gave me the ability to make a leek blade.  Even after I finished the playthrough; I had no idea how to forge it though.

Ah yes, that easter egg, I don't remember the recipe, probably something like iron and spring onions but it should be in the cooking interface!

Bug(fix) report: My second run is now past the point where the battle lockup bug occurred (and I played almost identically to the first run), so I think it's fixed for real now. There's been no hint of Malayna's bugged vengeance trigger either.

The battle crash bug is still there, but that's just annoying, not gamebreaking.

Ehehe, so the script hack was no good in the end... I hope it doesn't occur too often, it's frustrating that it exists but I'm kinda at a loss sadly. I'll give it a run on my laptop sometime and see if it happens there, so I can at least see how bad it is!

(1 edit)

It's okay -- as I said, it's annoying, not gamebreaking.

Oddly, my GF plays on the same machine and has had far fewer battle crashes. We use separate user accounts with separate installations, so maybe we somehow wound up with different versions? Was there another release within a few days of the one that fixed the lockups? I can't find a changelog to check.

First off, I really enjoyed your game.  Last night, I just finished completing it for the the first time.  Got the neutral ending, while also accidentally killing Rilanne during the sins incident.  Planning to go to do more run throughs.  It's been really fun.

Also, I saved doing the last Stairway to Heaven till near the end, and found I can't use any of Celeste's skills or magic.  I can't even use her healing skills outside of battle.   I noted from the corresponding page number (and the fact Rillane's sprite is shown though she doesn't speak because it's after she was killed by Malayna) that this was meant to be done quite earlier from where I was at that point, so I'm wondering if this the game getting confused because I waited too long.

(2 edits)

Oh, this is quite interesting indeed. I have... no idea how that could have happened. The Riliane part I guess is a fault on my part I can easily fix, but being unable to use Celeste's abilities? I have no idea what could have resulted in that... I will look into it but, I haven't slept properly since newyears eve so it's kinda hard for me to focuss...

So far I was unable to replicate the part about being unable to use Celeste's skills. I fixed Riliane showing up when she's dead though, I think! There's so many variables to think of that going back a year after I wrote all this feels like looking at someone else's code.

Be sure to get some rest.

(3 edits)

Riliane's sprite being there when she's meant to be dead may be the issue.  I just went through the quest again with her alive, and didn't have that problem.

Edit:  But on another note, for some reason when I enter the cave with Riliane after the suicide bomber blows himself up on the bridge, I can't go pass that narrow ridge where the bat enemy is.  It's like there's this invisible wall.  I can pass with other characters in my party, but Riliane can't be in it or I can't pass.

I don't think those are necessarily related sadly, As I was able to pass there before, sadly the game has become quite a mess of script, switches and variables to the point it's gotten unstable and I just don't know what to do with it anymore. The project became more than I can manage alone.

Going back after such a long time, noting makes sense anymore. I will still try but, So far I can't replicate the issue with Celeste's skills not being usable after the last trial. So I can't see what went wrong there.

I'm not surprised with how much is packed in there.  I didn't know there was a strategy RPG in this as well until I got to Ostwuld.  I avoided Arrowar and took the marsh area instead and had Gaia do Grunwhal for me.  Not to mention the minigames scattered around and certain areas changing based on playing during the holidays, I'm not surprised if all these variables somehow unintentionally affect each other.

Still, despite the issues I had, I got through the game.  And redid the final area multiple times to get both the neutral and pure endings.  And I'm looking forward to starting another playthrough from the beginning.  This game is fun, and I can't give enough admiration and praise to you for making this project a reality.

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun with the game despite its flaws, I've still been messing around with switches and other triggers to try and get to the root of the issues but so far no luck, I kinda hope that by some miracle I will find out what caused them so I can hopefully create a fix! I know it's a free game but I would like for it to not be a total mess~ At least I learned a lot making this.

(2 edits)

So I found a very strange bug. Was working on my Neutral Run. I'm a Dark Caster with a Dark Priestess Riliane, I'm doing all good options but absorbing souls. I got the Candy Cane Supreme but for some reason it switches me to the Unarmed build. When it first happened I reloaded the save and tried it again but it had the same result. I'll probably go along with it no matter what, just wanted to inform you for future December players.

Also because I'm dumb, I didn't make it a separate save when I noticed it, but that's more of a me thing.


Ah, It shouldn't be a problem, switching to any other weapon should switch you back! Thatsaid though, I'll definitely look into and fix this when I have the time! Both December and January were excruciatingly busy for me so far.

Yeah, I found that out. I just decided to mess around with the 400 attack unarmed build since it seemed fun. Mostly wanted to point it out since Candy Cane Supreme is the best weapon if you don't go pure good or corrupt.

So accidentally deleted my folder for this game (Don't ask how) so I had to redo my various files. Also ended clearing a full corrupted run and paired up with Gaia. I was kinda surprised by some of the content.


Wooo, I am glad you managed to finish a run~! And I can only imagine what kind of content you mean! I added so much weird stuff. Stuff I could only get away with because I mostly work alone~

(1 edit)

Re-finished my Light run. All that's left is my neutral(?) Dark Priestess run. Then I'll suffer in Hard mode.

So apparently, even if you do all good options, consuming every human soul in your path will get you the Dark Ending. That's helpful to know. I'll have to try and get a Neutral Ending at some point.

(2 edits)

I only just started to take another serious shot at this -- work has been too busy and I ended up having to restart from scratch after the battle bug fix.

I ran into another (much less serious) bug: Somehow, my new save inherited some (all?) of the cooking recipes my old one had. When cooking first unlocked, I had double copies of the initial recipes, and still had access to late-game recipes I know I shouldn't have had. For comparison, I extracted a new copy of the game with no existing saves; playing to the same point didn't produce the behavior.

(It smells like some sort of NG+ feature misbehaving. I'm not complaining that much, as it will make it easier to reach the point where I had to restart. But I worry that if cooking data was retained, whatever corrupted the save might have been retained too)

More pleasantly, I did a double take at the Christmas easter eggs. "Why is silent night playing....? Why is there a Christmas tree where there wasn't one before...? Oh wait...haha, that's hilarious and fantastic."

[edit: Actually, I've noticed battles crashing on start a lot more than they did before....but I played the first few hours right after the bugfix release and it didn't happen then, so I think it might not be the game's fault. Unless there's a Christmas effect in battle that could be bugged.]

(1 edit)

I got this game, like, November 30th so I basically only played with the Christmas stuff around. I was really surprised by some of the things I found.

Woo, I hope you are enjoying the game so far! (At least I hope!)

The Christmas stuff was a lot of extra work, but it was work I enjoyed doing~ There's a few Easter eggs like that~ (though no actual Easter event)

And yeah, the combat crash thing... happens. Sadly it seems it's a memory overflow error that is inherent with the engine and becomes more likely to occur the more you add to the system. I had hoped it was gone after not running into it for 2 playthrough but seems like nope! Still there. It seems to occur more when you have certain programs running in the background too. But nothing I can do about it... Sorry!

(2 edits)

I'm still enjoying it on the second run, yes. :-)

I think I can confirm that Malayna's bugged vengeance message is fixed. Celeste has fallen multiple times when Malayna's relationship score was high enough to trigger the bug, and we haven't seen it happen. That's a good sign. It will be a bit longer before I can confirm that the later battle lockup is also fixed.

Laetitia wouldn't happen to use the same battle engine as Luxaren Allure, would it? I ask because LA had a very similar issue with battles crashing, but a fix was eventually found (long after I'd finished the game, sadly, but I was tracking the thread for other reasons). I don't know if the same fix would work for Laetitia, but maybe it's worth a shot?

Alright, something confusing happened during my run. I just finished the Strategy section for Arowar and after I finished, Gaia's relationship with me dropped from 40 to 4 and I have no idea why.

(4 edits) (+1)

Oof, that's a bug indeed, I will look into it as soon as possible,

Edit: It seems I used a set to 4 instead of a raise by 4 when your corruption is over 100. (among other things) I'm sorry!

Edit 2: Compressing and uploading the fixed version. I'm afraid this project was really too big for me alone. So many choices I had to only run a surface test on if I wanted to ever finish it at all.

Oh, thanks. I ended up just going along with it and saving over my spare file of that run since I ended up making a lot of progress (Dark Priestess Run has been too fun to really stop) but it'll be really helpful for some of my future playthroughs.

Hello, I don't know if I am stuck or not... mind telling me the way to do the Malayna Envy part? First thing I done is clear the rooms on envy, then finished greed without clearing the middle by using my own food... then cleared the cooking area at the middle.. and I don't know what to do on envy..

Did you find the mirror key item? You're supposed to use those on the eyeballs to get rid of them.

As Bugfragged already replied, yes, you're not stuck! You just have to find a mirror and use it on the eyes. Hints at such can be found by inspecting the broken mirrors. I wonder if I was too cryptic, but I guess that's the risk one runs when having puzzle sections.

(3 edits) (+1)

Today I uploaded what I expect to be the final release of the game (Unless fixable bugs are found) I also released a development log with my final thoughts.

Major changes:
-New CG romance scene for all romance options (Nothing lewd, sorry!)

-Added an after-credits epilogue story that tells you how your actions affected the characters and the world of Laetitia going forward.

Bug Fixes:
-(Likely) fixed an error that could lock the first battle entered after the "tower of revelation" chapter. (Thanks to 'Error' for pointing out where the problem lies) Unfortunately I have found no way to retroactively fix saves that are already affected and saves that passed the "Camp Akateko" chapter prior to the patch may still trigger it.

-Fixed a bug where one could get trapped behind the Savia village blacksmith's anvil if you saved in the wrong spot.

-Fixed a weird glitch where inspecting a certain toilet would... Prompt Riliane to talk about drinking wine. (Thank you for finding that one pseudonymous)

Hopefully that is all the current known bugs taken care of!

(2 edits)

Another bug report. This happened on both my record and my GFs at around the same point, just before the (minor spoiler) suicide bomber on the bridge:

Battles hang after inputting commands for the first round. Nobody takes any actions. The hang occurs if and only if (larger spoiler) Malayna is in the party. The presence of other members and party order don't seem to matter. Neither does the specific encounter. Removing her from the party prevents the hang, but it returns if we put her back in.

Our next-to-last saves (about an hour back) don't exhibit the issue. Looking through the comment thread, this may be the same bug reported by Intergalactic Trash about six months back. It's probably significant that all three cases happened at the same point in the game.

I'm afraid I updated the game before realizing you might want to know the version it occurred on, but I might be able to dig the previous one out of the download cache if you think it would be useful.

I can provide the faulty saves if it will be helpful for troubleshooting.

It's concerning that you're the second person reporting this bug... I want to fix it but I need to know more!
Could you tell me which route you're on? Did you have another duel with Malayna after the tower? Is everyone alive in your playthrough? Sadly due to making a game with branching paths bugs like these are hard to fix, especially with older versions involved.. But I will keep researching and doing my best, I am afraid though that uploading saves won't really help in this case. And if the bug is in the latest version I don't know why I can't replicate it...

It has something to do with the tower boss for sure, specifically the solo-battle after it. But try as I may the error doesn't occur. If it's in the recent version and I can't fix it in a week or 2 I will take down the download until I know what's wrong.

(2 edits)

(spoiler warning)

I *think* we are both on a "good" route, but I'm not sure because I've strictly avoided spoilers. For reference, on her record, Celeste has reverted to a valkyrie; on mine she's not quite there yet (I drained a bit more early on). All characters that have ever joined the party are still alive, I think. The only named character I recall dying is that paladin you fight a couple times (I remember being somewhat surprised that he died for real after the second fight). I do not recall any duels with Malayna since the beginning.

Since we have two affected records and two non-affected records, I *might* be able to reproduce it when we reach that point again. I will try. If it doesn't happen, maybe I can diff the two save files for discrepancies. I could also try reproducing under both the current and previous versions, if the old one is still available.

If the bug only occurs with Malayna, maybe the bug doesn't involve the last fight in general, but the last fight where she was present? I don't have any evidence of that, it's just where my head would go if I were debugging it myself.

I should have an opportunity to experiment later this week, or the weekend at latest.

[edit: I remember one other odd thing that might be relevant. I've seen Malayna's "Celeste's down, now I'm pissed" vengeance line trigger sometimes even when she wasn't in the party. I didn't think much of it at the time, and it didn't seem to break anything; I mention it only because the same character is involved.]

Ah, I think you found the issue! That last one was it, The dialogue triggered a forced action! But I thought I had fixed that... Nevertheless it will be fixed in the final version! Which I hope to upload as soon as I get this last image from my artist.

Thank you so much!

Oh cool. I'm glad I decided to mention it after all. :-)

Is there anything we can do to avoid the problem in our non-broken records, or should we just wait for the release?

Unfortunately not a lot can be done other than making sure that Celeste doesn't get knocked out while Malayna isn't in the party. Another option is to not get too friendly with her before the point she becomes a permanent party member. Again, I am surprised this can even happen, but I will do my darnest best to ensure it becomes a hundred percent impossible!



In Riliane's house, if you inspect the toilet after she uses it she says "This is no time to drink wine."

... Err... I didn't think this was that kinda game...


Wahaha, now that is a weird bug indeed... I don't know how this could have occurred since it's taking the dialogue from a wine bottle on the other side of the house. But I will just redo the events in that area to fix it as I assure you this isn't intentional X3

When it happens the wine bottle vanishes, and it fixes itself if you leave and re-enter.

I figured it was the script that moves Ril into position somehow grabbing the wine bottle entity as well, but it was really funny to see!


That's babasically what happened yes, it treated the wine bottle as if it was Riliane for some reason~ I must have added that part when sleepy! Good find X3

I've basically spent the entire day binging this game because I got drawn into it, but after beating the boss in the Tower of Revelation for the first time, I forgot to save and got killed by an unexpected quick time event, which sent me back to before the boss. Now every time I get to the end of the fight, the boss activates its final attack and I get thrown out of the fight, but get a game over when Celeste lands instead of Malayna appearing. I've done this like five times to the same result, whether the boss lands the last attack that round or a mob does.

I was thinking it might be an issue with hitting zero hp, but there's not really a warning that the boss is about to throw that at you, so I'm guessing that's not it. Still, I got so fed up I was going to boost my stats just to get through the fight and set them back, did so with a save editor, and then found that the save game I used for it is broken afterwards, even if I revert the stat changes.

I'm at the end of my rope. I really want to continue, but I can't seem to get past the boss now, and I've fought it so many times I really don't want to do it again. T_T

Oof, this isn't something that should happen, and it definitely isn't something I've seen happening before. But there's definitely a dirty fix I can think of that would certainly keep it from occurring. Sadly I probably can't fix your save, I know nothing about save editors. 

The best I can recommend is you take a break until my next update which puts in a few extra preventive measures for bugs like these that have been reported but which I haven't been able to replicate. Hopefully preventing them altogether.

Sadly the release of this update rests largely on my artist who has been quite busy and as such has been taking a while... Until then I can't release patches as the developer build has a number of unfinished scenes that make no sense without the art. I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it, I got bored last night and tried one last time. Restarting the game seems to have fixed it. I'm guessing this only happens if you reload a previous save after defeating the boss once. So...I could have saved myself a lot of trouble be restarting sooner. lol.

(1 edit)

My girlfriend and I are loving this so far, but she just ran into what looks like a serious (albeit rare) bug. I'm not sure where else to report it so I'll leave it here:

This happened just outside Savia, the first town, near the blacksmith. When reloading a save there, after Malayna gives her initial blurb, the blacksmith moves a couple tiles. If you saved in exactly the wrong spot, his new position traps you behind him so you can't get out. Ever. Or at least, we couldn't find a way and she had to revert to an earlier save.

(thankfully, the game's warning to keep multiple records limited the damage -- she didn't have to start over completely)

I can upload the offending save somewhere if needed.

Oh, This is a serious issue indeed! But also one I should easily be able to fix at least~! I don't need the save for this unless you have lost a lot of progress and you want me to hack you out of that precarious position using the dev tools.

Sadly it will be a while before I can post the next update due to things moving a bit slow with the artwork for a scene I added. But it seems other than another rare bug that can occur roughly 4-6 hours later in the game. (One that I sadly can't replicate. And as such don't know if it's fixed or not.) The rest shouldn't have any hurdles!

I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far~!

Hey. its me. i left a review once before about loving the game but i recently started to play again and i got past the cultist bomber and im on the beach now but it wont let me progress any further if i fight an enemy itll show the battle phase and let me choose what spells to use then itll just show the screen and it wont let me do anything. i've restarted my laptop twice and exited and re-opened it more than once. what can i do? im desperate to progress and finish the game.

(1 edit)

like its letting me progress but the fighting and battles wont work?? i even restarted the game and it let me fight there but not in the current save file i have. :(((

(2 edits)

Uwah. I'm sorry you ran into something like that... This is sadly a bug that I thought I had fixed. It happens if the battle before the one you're in now ended unexpectedly in the middle of an action. Do you recall what was the last battle that you fought before this one? Loading any save before that battle should fix it, but I would still need to know which encounter it was so I can look into patching the error out.

Knowing your current party composition and if there's any character in your party now who hasn't been in your party before this battle would also help!

(1 edit)

uhmm honestly sometimes i just spam my space bar but right now in my party i have gaia, celeste, belle, and malayna. it was fine until after the party composition thing after i saved malayna from the 3 vessels of sin. i also changed the party composition where it would be celeste, malayna, gaia, then bella. 

i went through my save files and it lets me fight when i have to fight the rifle men with the machine that malayna throws herself in. 

(1 edit)

I assume Bella is the name you gave the priestess? Considering you mentioned Malayna though I can't help but wonder, did you install the latest version of the game? You can just extract it over the old one, if your version is over 4 months old it may still have the bug I fixed~ That said though it does not retroactively fix saves that already display the bug I fear.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, if I could do more I would but sadly I'm no longer in contact with the one person who could help me fix issues like these properly.

haven't finished yet but wow! i'm really enjoying this game so far :) 

even playing thru on easy, the battles can be quite challenging but i like it! the combat system is easy to pick up and moves smoothly (though sometimes the screen gets a little hectic with all the statuses going off at once haha!)

the storyline is engaging - your choices really do matter here which i appreciate. more than once i've found myself making a choice that made me go back and reload my save to try again! i think i've decided to go the good/redemption route but i'm also excited to try a more dastardly path the next time!

i was so happy to find such an in-depth and engaging rpg with a majority female cast! lots of colorful personalities and fun dialogue :) watching their relationships develop and grow has been a key part of my enjoyment!

overall, a fantastic and compelling rpg so far and one that i would recommend to any rpg lover!

Awww, thank you <3 I'm glad you're enjoying it so far~
Sometimes I really wish I could have done more, but sadly my abilities aren't quite there yet! Still, I'm happy that what I was able to do gives at least some people joy~

Do the two games (Corruption of Laetitia & Hearts Like Clockwork) take place in the same universe or in separate universes as well as is Laetitia actually Earth in the far future ?

An understandable question actually! While there is some crossover between the two, The world in which Corruption of Laetitia takes place is mere fiction within the world of Hearts like Clockwork (Our world, in the year 2291) So sadly we won't be seeing Celeste, Malayna, Gaia, or (this) Riliane in there~

I honestly love this game so much. its unique and different and every thing i would like in a game in one. it's so hard to find other games as good as this one with like the same concept and feeling.

Not being able to find anything like this is why I decided to make the game. I am nowhere near a professional, and I would have loved to go even deeper. But just knowing that I made a tiny experience that is hard to find anywhere else. Something that at least few people can enjoy meant a lot to me~! Thank you for playing~

It's beem a while since I finished it. but I see that you stil realise new updates and CGs are better, too. Good Job. But maybe you should start thinking about next project...

I am already working on a second project~♫ It's just that I commissioned my artist for this project quite late so he's still playing catch-up~

As for when the second game will be out, I sadly tend to be rather slow due to only having one functional hand. And beyond occasional art and music commissions I work alone. The game page including the trailer should be up in a few weeks though~

That said my next game will feature characters from an existing franchise. So people may be turned off by that. Hints to the next game have existed in the first game's world and lore (among other things) since the first full release.


!!!Word of notice!!!: It has come to my attention that this game is being hosted on unaffiliated sites which force you to install their own third-party 'downloader'. My game will never require a downloader or launcher to run.

Please avoid sites that do request you to install third-party software to play. If the file sizes don't match the ones shown on this site the download likely isn't legit.


After a few days I realize I forgot to post a change log for the last patch here. My apologies. For those that wonder what was changed and fixed:

  • Added more 'feedback' to the first trial of the redemption arc.
  • Replaced Malayna's generic "Demon's rampage" skill by a new skill "Meteor strike".
  • Replaced Gaia's generic "Tornado" skill with a new one "Dance of Death".
  • Made it so that if you skip the first tactical battle you are offered the tutorial again later.
  • Fixed spelling errors.
  • Added rare consumable: bombs
  • Updated the CG for being defeated by Malayna and Rilliane being tackled by a goo girl to their definitive ones.
  • Fixed an 'infinite loop' that could occur after the inhibitor if you razed the first big city but weren't otherwise 'pure evil' up to that point.
  • Fixed a possible lock if Rilliane got knocked out in the second battle against Alastar while you were friends with her.
  • Added a number of extra NPC reactions to events in the game.
  • Fixed Riliane not updating graphics when equipped with the Leek-blade

All in all it's just another brick in the wall.

thanks for your hard work.

love the game.


Yaaay~ Just hearing that makes it all worth it (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

I really like the game so far, but i can't progress at the inhibitor orb (i believe that was its name). It self-destructs and the cut-scene that follows loops itself without end. Celese says "I... should have seen this coming" than it fades to black and then it loops.

I would love to play it further because its one of the very few games that allows an evil playstyle. Most games only allow the player to become basicly a**holes. 

(1 edit)

It, It loops? That's a strange bug indeed. I must say I didn't test the evil route as thoroughly as the good one (I'm too much of a goody two-shoes)  but I was sure I made all of them doable..I probably messed up a flag related to certain choices, (The downside of making choices matter is you have to take all of them into account) I'm sorry! I'll definitely try to fix it!

Edit: It seems to be a wrongly set flag based on having destroyed the city of Arowar. Somehow if you destroyed the city it asks for both the 'conquered' and 'destroyed' flag to be on. Meaning the event loops because only one of them is... I will try to fix it... Though the game is not currently in a state that it can be released in (I changed a lot of things and likely broke more stuff, meaning I have to test the game from start to end with as many possible choices once more.)

Sadly this means I won't have any instant fix for now... If you still have a save from before you choose to destroy the city you can go with the conquest route which has been properly tested... I'm sorry for the trouble!


Then i will conquer everything instead. 

Based on what can happen with the slimequeen (i don't think the priestess likes her new job xD)i assume i still can become pretty evil.

But i can't wait wo see what happens when i destroy everything instead :)

This should be the only town where this bug exists, but after seeing this I am no longer sure, this particular one sure ended up to be the most buggy one~

And yeah, While the eventual outcome and storyline are decently similar (With some scenes and areas that are good/evil specific) I did add some opportunities to be quite cruel, I felt kinda bad for what I did to Riliane in that particular choice!

(1 edit)

Just finished the game.

I loved playing it. I liked most choices, the characters, the cute demon lord and that you didn't force the player to a specific route with making the outcome of choices to hard.

I liked that you gave the player an healing alternativ when they get rid of their healer. 

Gameplay was for an RPG Maker game above average when it comes to battles and the puzzles are a nice addition. Not to hard, but also not too easy. But more on the easy side.

I also liked, that most thinks, when you interact with them, gives the player flavor text or a pun to read.

But "well", not everything is perfect.

I think, the ending cutscene was far to short, and explained the bare minimun what happened afterward (at least with the ending i got) and worldbuilding is a bit lacking when it comes to the human countrys. For example i would love to know more a bit about the princess but when i didn't miss anything, there is basicly nothing about her. 

When i need to play the other route to know about this, just say it, then i erase that point.

If i have to rate this game then i would say: For an RPGmaker game its an 9 out of  10 and for games in general its an 7/10.

and i am not like game magazines where an 5/10 is something horrible, but standard. So basicly for me your game is definitly above average, but i am sure, thats because of personal taste. Since you hit all my marks: Can Play the evil way, Female Protagonist and Yuri.

I hope i did write everything without to much errors, because i write rarely in english and its not my first language.

I hope you will make someday another good game :)

Fufufu~! Thank you, I'm glad that you liked what you played and that you thought it was good for what it was~

The criticism of the ending is quite valid, I probably could have done better there but my mind drew blanks. It ended up not turning out as well as it was in my head and the scenes I wanted there fell flat. Maybe at some point I will find a way to incorporate more of what I wanted without turning it into a painful to watch exposition dump.

As for world building, Because I worried I'd overwhelm the player with the often dreaded 'wall of exposition' I decided to take another route. A lot of it is done via the optional books you can find in bookshelves and such, as well as NPC Dialogue. (Especially certain merchants tend to have some background) Of course, if you choose to destroy the cities that does result in some of that dialogue becoming inaccessible. So in a way it's true you probably missed some of it by going that route.

That said though, It's still lacking in certain places, Katherina Marlon (the princess) has nearly no lines dedicated to her, and her kingdom isn't really referenced. I may have to fix that in the eventual final update~

I just finished it ♥

It is a truly beauful story about power of love, power of friendship and power of will.

Good and strong heroine betrayed by the ones she trusted the most, has a change to find her revenge with help of demon lord.
She can also find friends and love. :)

One of the best RPG maker games I've ever played!
Battles are challenging. The plot is great. well-done locations, very well-written character with deep and interesting backstories and personalities.
a lot armors, weapons and item to get and use :)
cooking system.

For my fierst play-through I chose  Riliane as love interest and to finish the game with 0 curruption.

♥ I really enjoyed it!

BUT City conquest battles are too complicated. I literally didn't knew what and how to do. I'm very glad it's possible to ask Gaia to be the general. You should add some special tutorial for them.

I'm super happy that you had fun with my little game~
Despite all the engine limitations I did my best to make it good and enjoyable~!

Riliane was definitely fun to write with her innocence and her verbal tics (Quite so!) I was worried I wrote her in a way that would make her seem annoying but I'm glad to see I avoided that~

Ah yes, the city takeover quest, There is a tutorial for it but you only get offered that during the first (optional) city siege. Many people choose the other option and miss it as such. I am trying to make sure it will be offered again if you didn't complete it the first time. But it's rather complicated~!


It's come to my attention that someone wrote a TVtropes page on my game.

Whoever did this, Thank you. You really made my day, It means so much to me~

It's literally the only reason I found this amazing game.


Ehehe, That's another good thing~ (ノ^∇^)
I hope it will bring you enjoyment~!

I've barely started but it's already so fun and interesting.

(1 edit)

-Fixed a long-lasting bug where sometimes if you loaded a game (often after shutting it down in a non-conventional method before) the collision map broke allowing you to get stuck on or below walls.

-Fixed some errors that were introduced during above fix.

The game keeps track of how many in-game days passed. Are there any penalties or achievements associated with taking too long to beat the game?

There aren't! It merely shows up as a stat in the ending credits screen~ (along with some sillier stats)

Hey, is it possible you could make a mac/dmg version of this?

(2 edits) (+1)

I would have loved to do so, Unfortunately as it stands the engine I used (RPG maker VX ace) can only produce executables that are strictly Windows-Only. (Apparently it runs in WINE on Linux but I can't test that) something I figured out way too deep into the production of the game. I'm currently experimenting with an updated engine that can export to Mac and Linux, but it looks like 'porting' will be simply impossible due to script and resolution dependency. I have been toying with the thought of remaking the game there. But the original took well over 4 years to develop so it would not be any time soon.

I'm sorry!

Thats okay! Gladly i've figured out too that you can use it with Wine.. But sometimes it crashes!

Emulation definitely isn't the most stable option, I kind of wish I had realized the limitations of the engine a bit earlier but all I can do is learn from my mistakes. In the future I will certainly make sure to check my game on other OSes every now and then as I would like for my games to be compatible with more than just one system. I really was a naive child back when I started~

Great game so far! But I do encounteted a bug that when escaped from the jail and choose to go through the swamp camp, I teleported to the tower rest and do the 3rd floor side quest, the sword guy (sorry for not remembering his name) in my party went missing.

Ahn, yes forgot that he can be in your party at that point. While he was not going to stay in your party for long anyway it's not an intentional thing that he'd vanish there! Thank you for finding that one, I am expecting many more things like these, to be honest. I'll see what can be done~

Find more bugs, which mostly are map  issues, how could I send the pictures to you?  And is the Apocalypse being disabled after Celeste turned back into half-angel?

I should probably have set the comments up as a forum now I think about it. For now the best way would probably be the thread at RPG maker central https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/21816-corruption-of-laetitia/ I will see if I can find a better way.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants a great rpg with challenging battles and cool writing and characters. :)

Ehehe, Thank you~One day I will make this game free of game-breaking bugs. Still working on it, I'll see where I'll get~

I got bug when i saved inside of shop before buy item . Then when i loaded i can't go out of shop . Iam stuck in abyss store and can't use horn of detrius to get out because no home in this realm .

(2 edits)

Ahn, This bug again? I thought I had finally fixed it.
It's one of those things that happens if the overlay maps script for some reason breaks. (No errors found in the log so it's hard to pin down)
I will try and make another workaround for it.

The bug tends to fix itself if you close the game, load a save in which it's not broken and then load your latest one one again...
But I don't know the reason behind it.

I will try and make sure the issue can't happen again. But I am no coder so, wish me luck.

Edit: It should be fixed, in a way that allows you to get out in your current save too.
This bug makes me just want to tear the game down and rebuild it from scratch~

(1 edit)

Sorry but i not work . It isn't the bug don't trigger exit but it freeze my game too . I can send you a save file if you want . I got this bug don't let me go out of shop in savia before but it not freeze my game . 

Edit:  Btw im play again with other save but it before the cultis cave . I love you game .

(3 edits)

This is quite the strange bug indeed. Did you download the updated version I uploaded around 9 hours ago? I should have altered the map file in a way that would prevent the issue!

Unfortunately it seems this site doesn't have direct messaging. But if the problem persists even patched you can either drop a link with the
save file here or message me on twitter at @AmayaKayako so I can take a look at it!

I'm sorry that the game still has bugs, It's gotten a bit
overly complex for me.
But I'm glad you still enjoy it despite them~

(1 edit)

Quickly put together a more detailed character file
for the main 'love interests'.
It is full of spoilers of course, but may help people
understand the three girls a little better!

(5 edits)

Made a quickfix to fix the stuff I broke while adding in failsafes against no-win scenarios.

  • Removed an event that teleported you to near the end of the game.
  • Fixed a ton of small (Mostly graphical errors) where characters would show up which were no longer on your side.
  • Increased the capacity and value of Lantern oil by around 300%
  • Made the "Apocalypse" spell do more initial damage but less damage per extra soul.
  • Added the ability to disable battle voices.
  • Increased money and item drops slightly.
  • Made it possible to harvest apples by interacting with the tree trunk.
  • Added difficulty modes.
  • Fixed a bug in the evil route that occured when you returned to the bridge after it's blown up.
  • Made killing the slime queen instead of sparing her actually DO SOMETHING.
  • Fixed some graphical glitches in the neutral ending.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the neutral and evil ending to be pretty much the same.
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