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When the forces of hell threaten to overrun the world,
and humanity seems to be on the losing side of a war.

One Valkyrie, a half-angel, is the only one
who can prevent the coming onslaught that would
bathe the world of Laetitia in blood

What she doesn't know,
even as she and her paladins stand on the threshold
of the corrupted Ramarian keep.

Is that this quest will forever warp her image of 'good' and 'evil'.

Because when the light would freely abandon you,
and the hand of darkness reaches out for you, promising aid.

Which would you choose?

Corruption of Laetitia is a story-based RPG that follows the adventure of a spear-wielding heroine raised as a weapon against all evil. And her experiences as she learns that "Good" and "evil" might be less black and white than she thought. As she befriends and makes enemies out of angels, priests, and demons alike.

This game contains suggestive themes and language. As well as girls kissing girls. If either of those aren't your thing you'll likely not enjoy it.

I decided to set up a donation link for those who wish to see the game become better than it is. But since Itch.io pretty much forces me to register a company for that. And I didn't want it to beg people for money every time they downloaded a patch. I had to go with gofundme instead.

Updated 4 hours ago
Published 10 days ago
AuthorKayako Amaya (Rin)
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, Female Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Romance, story-driven, Yuri

Install instructions

Added a .zip format of the game because certain virus scanners block the executable installer (as I am not a 'known distributor') The zip can merely be extracted wherever you want and will run without any alterations.


Corruption of Laetitia.exe 173 MB
Corruption of Laetitia.zip 174 MB


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Rolled out another batch of small bug-fixes and balance changes.

  • You now correctly get your summon spells back after turning yourself in and retrieving your gear. Even if Riliane isn't in the party
  • Enemies drop slightly more money.
  • Some boxes/chests now give more money and healing items.
  • Nerfed the damage and healing of "vampiric claw" as spamming it made you nigh invincible.
  • "Sweeping Kick" now requires rage instead of Mana
  • Fixed the tooltip of acumen cutting off and not fitting the textb-

its been a  long while since I played this game, and now you've finally finished it! Can't wait to see what's changed over the years! This is gonna be awesome!

Ehehe, you'd be surprised!
The parts you played probably aren't that much different from what you remember but
hopefully you can still get through that again~!

Thank you for playing~!

Patched out a few bugs that occurred on the less-visited routes of the game as well as having slightly modified the window skin.

-Fixed a possible crash when fighting (and losing to) the priestess.
-Fixed a bug where Gaia would not join your party after skipping the queen battle.
-Fixed slimes not being summonable after threatening the slime queen.
-Fixed some bugs related to the slime dwellings
-Window tone changed from brown to blue to contrast text better.

I hope this takes care of most of the issues!

Looking forward to playing this.

I hope you have fun with it~
Thank you for playing \o/