Here's to another!

Yet another patch.

Compile, Compress, and complete.

Finally released.

It has been a lot of work. I never expected that I'd be spending more time on my game after it was finished than during the development itself. But in the end that is how it turned out. Whenever I finished uploading someone would message me. Another bug, Another balance issue. Another feature that absolutely needed to be in the game to make it feel 'right'. No matter what I was always busy. The game had been forced to evolve ever since release.

I probably lost track of the number of weird bugs people found and I patched out. The strangest was when an entire alternative path in the game wasn't properly implemented at all. All in all though I am so grateful for everyone's feedback. 

This last update is made to overhaul a bit of the dialogue I wrote when I was still pretty much a kid. As well as to ensure that every route (Good, Neutral, Evil, As well as the paths towards pursuing each love interest) Is a little more obvious now. While some people liked how the game didn't 'treat them as a child' it obviously bothered some when they were trying to get with their chosen girl and their actions caused her to die. Hopefully this patch will remedy that as well as some other small errors in the game.

Thank you all for playing, for taking the time to enjoy (or try to enjoy) the game I crafted over the last years.


Corruption of Laetitia.exe 173 MB
Mar 31, 2019
Corruption of 175 MB
Mar 31, 2019

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